Good VU Meter plug-in?

Has anyone found a decent one?

I would appreciate being able to calibrate it in the normal way.

Look for Klanghelm VUM. I think there is a free version as well…

Thank you jazztom.

The product looks amazing, but there is no IOS AUv3 version.

Are you aware of an IOS VUM plug-in?


Bought NuRack and VisualEQ from

NuRack is a very clever way to get the pieces you want (poor man’s version of IK Multimedia’s rack).

It supports midi control over seemingly every parameter.

Not sure how the plug-ins themselves sound, but it got me 4 versions of VU meters that support peak and RMS, which is easily combined with a gain knob.

All of this is in the pursuit of proper gain staging between plug-ins and tracks.

Unfortunately, the VU meters on 4pocket’s plug-ins do not seem to really read peak, even though they can be set that way.

I ended up using the much more accurate vertical bar style meter in FabFilter’s Pro-MB.

Oh well.

A different 4Pockets plug-in, Audio Analyzer, has a very solid bar-graph meter which displays peak, RMS and accumulates LUFS in a single, pretty configurable display.

This one seems to be the ticket - I’m dropping it into tracks and the master to help with gain staging and it’s doing the trick.

Alas, the 4Pockets meter turned out to be inaccurate.

Once I went back to including FabFilter Pro L2 in master chain, I got what seemed to be a much more accurate LUFS reading, and the resulting files played without distortion on an iPhone after I limited for -14 LUFS.

We still need an accurate LUFS, Peak and RMS meter for IOS.

Did you try TB Barricade (from ToneBoosters) ‎TB Barricade in de App Store ? That plugin can do accurate LUFS etc. You can switch off its peak limiting and compressor and use it in measurement mode.

Thanks SkullHQX.

Yes I do have Barricade in addition to Pro-L2. I use them in different places in my mix. It does seem to be accurate.

I have found Barricade worked better to take distortion and clipping out of a Hammond B3 simulation (I used “HF Clip), but Pro-L2 and DDMF NoLimits worked better for me with other instruments.