Good work, Steinberg!

Very good work indeed. You’ve proven again to bring good improvements on your DAW - like the Note Expression 2 (seems excellent), consolidated quantizing panel + options, Group Editing capabilities, Tempo Detection, Hit-point calculation enhancements etc. etc. etc.

I watched through the 12 videos on the DVD and while the Basic videos were pretty useless (to me), some of the Advanced Videos overwhelmed me somewhat and I would have liked to see much, much more, in detail. I prefer video tutorials over reading the manual, AND I know there are more tutorial videos available by purchasing them, but I still would have liked Steinberg to include wider scope covering videos on the DVD.

Anyhow, I’m pretty sure that at least 50% of people would have liked to see even MORE enhancements on the “current” (Cubase 5) features among the new excellent ones. Still when I think of only myself, the new features in Cubase 6 won’t make THAT big of a difference compared to me using Cubase 5. But the noble guy that I am, I want to own the newest versions of the software that I use and that way promote the vendor and their huge work. I might be crazy but I love all the updates - to every software :slight_smile:

What I personally would have loved to see, is even more enhancements on the workflow design; Like group editing for example; The current utilization of the Folder Tracks is way below of what they have potential to be. I mean, there could be an “E” button also on Folder tracks that would contains the GROUP EDITING ENTRIES that one can make.

For example, grouping the EQ 1 on all or some of the tracks under that folder (and then making an ENTRY under the E-button on the Folder Track that you can rename and of course edit) that could be editable with the specialized MIXER designed exclusively for Folder Tracks; there could be a list of grouping entries that one has made and by selecting an entry, then you could adjust the ABSOLUTE (CTRL + mouse left) or RELATIVE (mouse left) values of the grouped entries on the tracks’ individual mixers. Pressing also SHIFT, the adjustment could be more presice - or “slow”. And pressing ALT could make the mouse-clicking on that entry value to NOT jump directly to the value where the mouse is, but instead make a relative change (not the same “relative” as above!) so that adjusting the value would begin from its current value.

Anyway, I liked to give some positive feedback, since people always seem to nag about everything instead of maybe giving some positive feedback about things. Well, that’s human nature and I try to fight against it personally as much as I can.

And of course thousands of people all have thousands of ideas of making Cubase better, but it goes without saying that not by far even 1% of the ideas can be delivered. But the truth is, that many of these people here in the Forum are right and have very good ideas on making Cubase better, and they should be listened to. As for me, the workflow enhancements are not THAT big, as I said, and on the future 6.x.x versions we all would like to see enebetterment on the existing features - not just making new ones.

Cubase has taken the sound editing capabilities so far that I really have to wonder what the other DAW’s can deliver, but I’m sure they have some excellent features. For what I have gathered, the one big thing where ProTools is still way ahead of Cubase, is this exact Group Editing features and as hard as I try to think I’m wrong due to my self-criticism, I still have to admit that I might be right on utilizing those Folder Tracks much more. They are to me currently just too dumb.

But I’m a happy Cubase user and will probably always be. So a huge thank-you to Steinberg making my life so much better on this area.

Still one question puzzles me still: what is Nuendo better than Cubase in? I know the video editing capabilities, but it’s just so an expensive of a software that makes me wonder that what it is that really makes it so expensive. And what would be the reasons for me to become a Nuendo user, instead of Cubase? Are there even any?

Not doing video productions currently so I have to wonder…

Aloha Tommy,
Some very thoughtful comments there. Kool!

Aloha, Curteye! And thanks.

Heh, Aloha seems to have become an official Cubase forum “Hello” phrase :wink: Cool, no complaints :slight_smile: