"Goodbye" - Matt Young

Latest production for my regular client - Matt Young

©2011 Matt Young

Vocals, guitar & bass - Matt
All the other stuff - Sherz :sunglasses:

It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea for sure, but any comments on the production and mix would be welcome :slight_smile:

Well…it’s a bit syrupy for my tastes…but you made a nice production out of it, Ian.
It’s nice to know that there are some out there who are happily married…and want to tell the world about it. :slight_smile:

Thanks to you, there’s gotta be more recording artists per capita in New Zealand, than practically anywhere on earth! :slight_smile:


Some interesting string arrangments before the goodbye break.
Sometimes a bit bright eyes vibe.

Can you post the lyrics somewhere?

Greetz Dylan.

Sounds like something he’s done for his Mrs. Too soppy for me but it ain’t aimed at me. All well meant and genuine, that’s the job he set out to do and he’s done it. Hope his wife likes it. Good job Ian :sunglasses:


I think I better - these guys below totally misunderstood it! :laughing: It’s about loss… someone close dying… and saying goodbye…

Anyway… Matt’s mighty pleased with the production it seems so that cool. He actually asked me what I thought of the song… I always tell him the candid truth, as diplomatically as I can. :smiley:




OK. After having read the lyrics, I take back what I said. It’s not syrupy - but sad and touching.

I guess I have to get my head around why it’s cool to be sentimental about our loved ones after they’re gone,
but not while they’re still with us. :laughing:

Nice work gentlemen.

It’s a very personal song.

When I write a song about someone I have lost love or hate I wrap the idea up in more abstract lyrics.
Like Eric Clapton’s tears in heaven, everyone can read their own message although he wrote it for his son.
These lyrics are very storytelling, something I wouldn’t do. It takes the poetry and art out of it.
Doesn’t mean it’s bad, just sharing my thoughts :slight_smile:


I agree with you (if you still haven’t got your head around it that is :slight_smile:)

Songs about love starting out or love burning up is far more inspirational. Everything in the middle is not easy to get poetic about hahaha. I guess that goes for everything, books, movies, sculptures you name it. The best art describes some sort of tention.


This was one point I mentioned when Matt asked for my opinion of the song. Lyrically its all a bit too direct for my tastes. :neutral_face: I suggested he might want to try use a few literary tools like similies or metaphors… but hey, it’s his song and I guess some enjoy the direct story-telling approach to lyric writing.

I like words that paint pictures … :sunglasses:

It all depends who you want to reach I guess. The thing is, you can only relate to the song if you went through something almost the same. The trick is to give everyone a message that they can relate to. The message in this song is very universal, I think almost everybody can relate to this. We all lost someone on one time.

Still I cab totally understand that a song can be written for someone special and has to be litteraly.

Hi Ian

Whether people like or dislike the song the mix sounds good to my ears. :slight_smile:


Listened a few times last week. Not my cup o’ cha, but you mixed it well.