"Goodbye" - New music from RunaWay

Hi there people :slight_smile:
It’s been ages since we posted a new Runa song so we decided it was time.
For the new ones of you: Runa is my woman for the last seven years and lucky me she also composes, play the guitar and sings.

The new song is called “Goodbye” and can be found here:
Click “lytt” to listen and “last ned” to download.

She composed and wrote the words, I played, programmed, arred and mixed.
The song is a soul/pop/rock ballad with a long lead (lol)
We’d be very happy to hear what you good people think of the mix/singing/playing…

Equipment used:
Vocals: Neumann U67 to Tube-Tech LCA 2b to Echo Mia Midi soundcard.
No further compression. Eq used was Sonalksis eq. Reverb used was Redline Reverb.
Some melodyne here and there, but nothing exessive

Drums: (as almost always) Superior Drummer Avatar kit. Grooves split 50/50 by me and the included midi files.
Guitar: Me on my USA Fender HSS Strat using Amplitube 3 as software amp.
Insert efx used: stock cubase delay + Waves Rverb
Bass: Trilogy. Software efx: Sonalkis Eq and Compressor

Keys: Lounge Lizard + some small efx at the end of the guitar lead by Atmosphere and Padshop

We both hope for some constructive comments here so please lend an ear or two.

All the best, Kim & Runa :sunglasses:

Nice, the quality I’m used to hear from you :slight_smile:

My only comment is, I think it’s 100%! Great song, great production and specially a great guitarsound. :smiley:

Great sounding. It’s nice to hear your excellent playing on the Fender.

Great sounding track, guitar and vocals are wonderful. Love the minimal effects and quality of vocal recording…nice


I like the creamy touch on the vocals, But sometimes it sounds unnatural in terms of tuning, is this because of some autotuning going on or is she just out of this world in key?

Mixwise, well you know it, you are one of the rare best talents around here that can make a VST instruments sounds like the real deal!!

Keep it up!

Greetz Dylan

Nice mix! It sounds excellent on my crappy laptop speakers - can’t imagine how good it sounds on my monitors.

Guitar playing (rhythm and lead) is top notch as always.

I won’t deny that I’m jealous you own a U67. :confused: