google "guitar" , at least for yesterday and today …

Great for country tunes!

Anyone figured out how to play back what is “recorded”?

I guess it comes down to how talented you really are.

I’m using Terratec X-table to compose on an IBM thinkpad with ASIO Direct X and C5.5.3.

The speakers are the laptop inbuilt “monitors” but I do have a studio rig as well.

Funny after all this time I build up gear only to downsize (reliability is king).

Cubase Rocks!

There is a little triangle button visible when recording is enabled IIRC

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lol, I was thinking of doing something like that as well, couldn’t be bothered though :smiley:

I tried those guitar emulation VST’s and they are good to get an idea but go back to drawing (or playing) in notes anyway.

Say does anyone know how good the Motif XS sounds inn this dept.?

For sequencing nothing beats actually writing in the notes, rather than allowing a software instrument to “strum” but I may go back to that, as I found it lets through single notes so I guess we will see just how intelligent software can actually be.

I use acoustic guitar for a few of my songs (played on a keyboard). I usually play them into a sequencer and just clean them up a little after the fact. They do sound pretty good actually. It’s kind of strange to say I only picked up this next idea after close to 15 years of playing, but that’s about right. I found that every instrument or sound, has a “presence” associated with it. It doesn’t matter what sound it is, if you’re going for keyboard horns or guitar, or playing guitar through a synth, or vocals through a synth.

If you latch on to that particular presence, then you have made the most of what that instrument has to offer. If you play against that presence (example- try a fast legato run on a pad with a slow attack). … then you’ll get either mush or actually make it sound like a bad patch.

The new Jupiter (80 I believe) synth has awesome algorythms which can simulate strumming and picking based on how you play the keyboard. Sounded very impressive.

edit: from 2:15 onwards: