Goove Agent SE4

I have been using Cubase Elements 9 for over a year now. But a few days ago
Groove Agent stopped working. If i click on the pads I have no sound,
dragging a pattern across to a Groove Agent track also produces no sound.
If I select Instrument and then select sample, i can hear the drum sample when the play sample button is pressed. I have tried uninstalling/ re-installing Cubase but I still have the same problem. If I load a project from a month ago the drum tracks work OK. but if I create another Groove Agent track the old tracks stop working?

Hi and welcome,

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

I started in Cubase in Safe Start Mode with disabled program preferences but unfortunely it did not solve the problem. I have found that If I turn up the volume to max on the DAW and the volume for GA in the main mixer and also the volumes in GA, I can just about hear the presets.


Could you attach a (demo) project with affected Groove Agent, please?

If I try attaching I recieve an error… Invalid file extension: demo.cpr

Could you ZIP it, please?

zip file attached of demo project which is basicaly an empty project with just one GA track (59.2 KB)


I can see, there is a signal coming out. But the signal is really very low. I can’t see, why is it so low. When I load any preset to the instance from your project, the signal is low. When I load a new Groove Agent instance, the signal is OK.

Therefore I would recommend to trash Groove Agent SE preferences: %appData% Steinberg/Groove Agent SE folder.

There are two instances of Groove agent in this folder, is that correct?

With Cubase 9.5 you are using 64-bit Groove Agent. So it’s the Groove Agent SE_64 preferences folder. Just rename it to _2018-11-22_Groove Agent SE_64 (to have a backup).

I deleted both folders and started Cubase and now it works OK. It has regenerated the Groove Agent SE_64 folder but not the other Groove Agent SE folder, so maybe that has been the problem? Anyhow thank you very much for you help and now I can get creative again!


The Groove Agent SE folder has not been recreated, because you didn’t start 32-bit Groove Agent. :wink: So, something was corrupted in the Groove Agent SE preferences.

Thanks again for you help, I have been a cubase user since 1990 :wink: