got cubase LE4. Probable upgrades?

question may be naive but with so many versions, it’s easy to get lost…
I got LE4 and used it for some time
I would like to upgrade
What are my options?

Also …is there a difference between LE and elements?

Hi and welcome,

Yes, you can upgrade from Cubase LE 4 to the current Cubase versions. Just choose the option on the left side of Steinberg online shop.

Yes, there are differences in Cubase LE and Cubase Elements.

cubase project files from version 4LE can be run in Elements 9?
Also, a friend with whom I am going to work together on a project uses cubase 5.
Would his cpr files be run in Elements 9?


Yes, you can open Cubase LE 4 project in Cubase Elements 9.

You cannot (at least officially) open Cubase 5 projects in Cubase Elements 9. You need Cubase Pro in this case.

See this Compatibility and interchangeability of project files article, please.

so what should I tell him to do?
is there a way to export or convert his cubase 5 cpr files so that I could read them in elements 9 and work on them?

I’m not sure, if Cubase Elements can read Track Archive. If yes, then he could export Selected tracks (all), if Cubase 5 had this feature already, and then you can import it (if… and if…).