Got my Chrissy present early!

Zebra 2!!! Loving it! Taken out a bunch of old synths cause this baby’s so flexible and sounds REALLY crisp. Great library online too. It’ll take me till Xmas to get right into it but that’s half the fun. :smiley:

Oh yeah…and I got a 6 month actor-muso job at the National Theatre(Cottesloe) in London off my first audition there, yesterday. I auditioned at 12 and my gob smacked agent phoned 45 minutes later to say I’d got the job!!! He said he’d never seen them do that before! Forgot about that one. Too busy playing with Z2!

Gongrats!!! on both the job and the synth. Makes Christmas that much better.

Many thanks and so true!!

:sunglasses: WHat a day :sunglasses:

So true(doesn’t happen to me often). Got a Tv casting tomorrow so I have to save celebrating properly till the weekend. :unamused:

by the way…that “Bassjaw” track of yours rocks. I’m no expert but, to my ear, that deserves an extended version. :sunglasses:

Congrats, Trevor! Break a leg! :sunglasses:

Cheers, mate.

Congrats man, enjoy both :slight_smile:

Cheers,dude! :smiley: