Got Retrologue after trying demo, full version crashing Ableton. Please help.


I tried the Retrologue Demo and really liked it. Bought it, installed eLicenser, Steinberg Download Assistant, created Steinberg profile etc etc etc.
Then I registered Retrologue via eLicenser (my first Steinberg product).
The full version constantky crashes Ableton 10, its driving me insane.

When starting Ableton and the plugin is scanned for the first time (Vst2), it says

“C:\users…\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live 10.1.30\Preferences\VstScanInfo64.cfg cannot be deleted”.

But I can still use Retrologue, only that once I close the program, it crashes and says

“C:\users…\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live 10.1.30\Preferences\Undo” cannot be deleted"

Then a pop up “A serious program error has occured”.

I have a custom VST folder by the way, where I put in the shortcut to Retrologue, which always installs on C: drive (how can I change that??)

I tried everything, don’t know what to do any more. No other plugins are crashing Ableton. I have never seen this error before.
I reinstalled eLicenser and Retrologue 10x already, I even installed the Demo again and then the full version but it still keeps crashing.
I also deleted those Ableton preference files, heck I even uninstalled Ableton for the first time in ages and reinstalled it.

Does anyone know what do do? Will support help with this?

Hi Seelachsfilet1337,
as the Retrologue Demo works for you but the Retail version don’t, the only possible difference/cause that comes to my mind is the eLicenser.
Could you perhaps try an older version of the eLicenser Control Center?
To do so :

  1. de-install the eLicenser Control 6.12. xx.xxxx via “Apps & Features” (right click on the Windows logo in the lower left corner)
  2. download the eLicenser Control version here : Click me and install it.
    Does it work now?
    best regards
    Gerrit Junge

This is the response from the official Ableton support, I’m very disappointed:

“Wir sind uns dieses Fehlers bereits bewusst und er ist in unserem System hinterlegt. Es handelt sich wahrscheinlich um einen Konflikt der E-licenser Software und Live. Diverse Plugins sind davon betroffen.
Wir stehen im Kontakt mit Steinberg und hoffen das Problem in naher Zukunft lösen zu können.
Leider kann ich nicht genau sagen wann das sein wird”


“We are aware of that problem and we are looking into it. Probably it has to do with a conflict between E-Licenser and Live. Several plugins are affected by this. We are talking to Steinberg about this and hope that we can solve this issue soon. Unfortunately, I can’t tell when this will be.”

This sucks :frowning: , I would have not bought Retrologue if I knew this before. Same goes for other Steinberg plugins I had an eye on. Well, let’s hope you guys can figure this out asap.