Got the same problem with win 10

Got the same problem with win 10 complete nightmare . thought I was the only one. had to give up and reinstall the drivers for focusrite, WTF is going on ? I have dumped 3 projects due to time taken to resolve this … wish I had never heard of CB 12 … utter rubbish … WGAF


What kind of problem, please?

With CB11 I have set up templates with my Scarlett 18i20 , that incorporates several I/ps And O/ps. for my work, when trying to copy these over to CB12 in the hub, it seems as though nothing is recognised and a new template has to be made for use with the newer DAW.
Additionally CB 12 resets the Scarlett’s ins and outs and although I had set up user i/os for the Scarlett they didn’t work (for some reason) so I had to redo another set of in’s and out,s for CB12 to work with the Scarlett … very frustrating but as I have it working now all seems O.K,
Thankyou for your comment