Goto Track Command/Macros

There should be a way to assign keystrokes which immediately select a Track in the Project Window. One (clunky?) way would be to make Track Number a Target option for the PLE. But then you have to (tediously) create a bunch of PLE presets and then a bunch of macros.

Ideally, there should be a ‘Goto’ window where you can key in the track number and it selects that track. And -then- you could save each of these as presets. And -then- you could assign a key command to each of those presets.

Eg. Ctrl-D -----> Go to the Drums Folder (#23)

Eg. Ctrl-L -----> Go to the Lead Vocal Track (#3)

Eg. Ctrl-B -----> Go to the B3 Track (#12)

It’s amazing to me why this hasn’t been implemented already. I spend ages all the time mousing between ‘Drums’ and ‘Organ’, etc. when I -should- be able to key command it.

You can do this with PLE already

You can target a track by NUMBER?

Why would you want to target by track number? Don’t track numbers always change depending on what order they are in?

Just be consistent in how you name your tracks, or add a name “code” that you can target with PLE.

Totally Rube Goldberg. I want a way to target tracks and GoTo them -directly- regardless of name change (or number change) in a smooth way.

This issue is similar to the totally clunky way colours are handled. Yes, you -can- automate colour naming -if- you lock yourself into a discipline that can never change.

I waste TONS of time every day navigating up/down/up/down via mouse.

I see, so what you’re wanting is for a preference and or a command that graphically pages to whatever track is selected (unless it’s already in view, or perhaps, selected track is always graphically centered) much like the mixer does.

But even so - you can do this with PLE/macro by utilizing Visibility and name tags. It’s not much of a discipline to always name your lead vocal track ‘VocLd’.

Then you utilize visibility to make it the only track visible, and even utilize a track sizing command so you can see it in detail.

imo, you’re sort of complaining about what Cubase is able to do that no other program can that I’m aware of…

I don’t care what other programs do or don’t do. I want what I said I want. I’ve been using the program professionally for almost 20 years and I have a good idea of the little things that would make life a LOT easier.

What I want is the -vertical- equivalent of a Marker Track. And perhaps, I didn’t explain it well, but that’s what it is.

With Markers, you can change their description, without breaking them. You can even re-number them. The program ‘knows’ how to keep track of them so you can always address them.

I want ‘Vertical Markers’ that can be ‘tagged’ to tracks, like post-it notes. So then one can assign a Key Command to each Vertical Marker. You can change the colour or name of the Track, but the Vertical Marker stays attached to the track. And so the Key Command always works.

So all I’d have to do is create 10 Key Command Assignments… just as with ‘regular’ Markers… which always take me to whichever tracks I have attached a Vertical Marker, regardless of Name or position in the CPR.

Even better would be if I could save those 10 Vertical Markers as a single preset–like a Colour Palette that I could make the default for all my CPRs.

Steinberg has expended a shit ton of effort over the years on -horizontal- navigation, but relatively little on -vertical- navigation. That made sense in the old days when people had smaller projects. But now, many of us routinely have HUNDREDS of tracks and -vertical- navigation is actually the most cumbersome part of editing and composing–for me anyhoo.

The solution although is not exactly what you want, is essentially what you want. If I want to see Lead Vocals, I have it hotkeyed. If I want to see all Vocals… I have that hotkeyed as well. What would be the point in Steinberg spending a half or full update cycle coding what you want when it can already be done.

For example, when I hit the “all vocals” hotkey I also have the macro setup to resize everything perfectly via Zoom Full both vertical and horizontal. All I have to do is “Undo Visibility” to get back to all tracks.

Why would you want vertical markers, or I think, to better describe what you are after would be to call it “vertical separators” or to expand on the track divider by allowing the user to add additional dividers, but, imo, the track divider can be annoying sometimes.

I also have PLE prepend naming hotkeys to add ‘Voc’ to any selected track.

The point of PLE combined with macros, is to create any function you want… and although some possibilities are missing… regarding what you want described in your first post, you can do this.

Good. For. You.

But I’m pretty sure that a -lot- of people would also prefer my solution because it’s more elegant and much faster.

Cubase is now at a place where it has 12,000 features and 1/2 of them are clunky.

There is a place for macros… and I sure wish the macro (cough) ‘facility’ were better. But there are certain functions that are so important that they should be built-in and work like butter. And IMHO, this is one of them.


it could be good for you to if you weren’t such a toight a%%

People want what they want. It may be something you want or it may not. But there’s -never- a good reason to be snotty.

It’s not something I want - It’s something I have - because what you want already exists and I’ve been doing since Visibility protocol. You literally changed your feature request to avoid acknowledging this because it seems you want Steinberg to do everything for you, rather than utilizing the amazing utilities already provided to facilitate exactly what you want in your first post… my nose is dry, but let me find you a box of tissues. :slight_smile: