GPO5 Expression Map Solo Strings Issue

Using the Dorico GPO5 Expression Maps downloaded directly from Steinberg, the GPO5 Solo Violin will not play trills.

However the GPO5 Orchestral Strings map will play the trills. I’ve checked the data for both maps and they are identical.

Can anyone suggest why the Solo Strings map does not work?


This is a ‘feature’ of the Solo Strings in GPO5. The samples play the ‘true’ note while Note ON is active, and play the whole or half step when note OFF is triggered.

You can test this using the ARIA Player app’s keyboard.

Finale’s Human Playback basically repeats the note to achieve the trill.

I’m not sure whether the Expression Map can be altered to give accurate playback.

Thanks for the detailed explanation Benwiggy, it’s much appreciated.

In order to repeat the note so that the result sounds like a trill, you could create a Playing Technique that uses Tremolo as Playback Technique (and hide it as necessary) …