GPT Lighting

Okay. This is just a thought bubble with some big assumptions. But, assuming DMX lighting fixtures could be allocated to DMX channels, & assuming that there was some sort of map of fixture channel to function in place (e.g. ch 1 is Dimmer, ch2 is Red, ch3 is Green, ch4 is Blue, ch5 is Strobe, etc), it would be really cool to have a GPT tool where you could write some text instruction (e.g. “For Song 1, in Part 1, make fixture 1 pulse Blue in time with the tempo track, changing from 50% Dimmer to 100% Dimmer on each beat, with a 3 second fade on the last beat”) and have the GPT tool translate that text instruction into DMX data for all the channels for that fixture. Or even a global synchronised instruction to all fixtures (e.g. “Make all the fixtures change their colour to red at the start of part 2”). Lazy I know, but could save a whole bunch of clicks! Would certainly be a marketable feature…it does need the other assumptions in place for it to work, but we are trialing Microsoft Co-Pilot at my work now, & so this sort of tech is not too far away. Would be fun to use it for lighting.

Maybe what you want is the integration of Maestro DMX into VL ?

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Oooh. :thinking: