GPU and Cubase?


I’ve been wondering how a GPU and CPU were related, I finally did the requisite Google search, so now I know at least some basic info. (and others)

But I didn’t find much helping me understand why it’s discussed so much in these Cubase fora. In other words I’m still wondering things like what problems in Cubase are associated with GPU, are certain GPU brands or characteristics “good vs bad”, do certain tweaks have to be made to for Cubase to run well?.. and other similar questions.

I have a 2014 ADK computer (more specs in profile), I assume it’s optimized for the GPU, but I’m wondering what I should be thinking about when I buy its replacement. I use Spectralayers 9 (lightly). I don’t do any gaming.

Thanks for any pointers!

I too have avoided discrete GPU cards like the plague up until now, but at least one reason to reconsider is the latest patch for SpectraLayers 10 which accelerates the sound seperation processes:

My main reason for this avoidance has been reported problems with the main players’ drivers, which were until now optimized for gaming, at the expense of audio latency and stability. I believe the driver situation has improved, at least for Nvidia, so I’m sitting on the fence about which product to select right now.

I’ve had no problems with Intel integrated graphics in Cubase, have never suffered any of the video issues others have reported, and I don’t use any plugins with heavily animated graphics (iZotope, I’m looking at you …). My ideal GPU would therefore be one without the “G” … in other words, a card that would be a co-processor without any monitor attached!

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Due to an unnatural need to use, some might call it an excessive number of monitors I got forced into using GPUs years ago. Never had any problems, but I suspect that’s because the PC’s were built specifically as a DAW so they test the components they use for how nice they play with audio. When I got my latest PC they had no problem with me relocating a 10+ year old firewire card into it, but said if I used the GPU from my then current DAW it would void their warranty - even though the GPU is what they put in the older PC.

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Thanks, @MrSoundman and @raino .

Sounds like maybe if I continue my practice of only buying music computers from companies that specialize in assembling them specifically for music use I should be OK … they will make the right choices re: hardware such as GPU, etc.

I imagine these companies set an overall performance level below which GPUs are not included, based on my understanding their main benefit is increased computational power (such as that demanded by SpectraLayers 10) … does that sound right?