GPU Audio: Free early access Convolution Reverb

My name’s Chris and I work for a company called GPU Audio. We just released a free early-access plugin which utilises your computer’s GPU power to do the DSP:

Our tech stack is built from the assembler level up to handle low latencies and effectively parallelize audio. This is NOT a hacked CUDA core project - its a real deal, VC-backed (30 employees too) solution and the SDK is coming.

We are finally releasing our Beta Suite of GPU -powered plugins this May, 2022! We will be at NAMM as well in June, so I look forward to meeting new friends there.

We’ll be releasing fun IRs, hosting talks/webinars/events and eventually drop some free sample packs to those who participate in EA testing…

A couple notes on the download:

  • Discord is the best place for direct support: GPU Audio
  • For testing purposes, use 48khz/24bit, 256 block and 96 sample size (DAW settings)
  • Please use the Read-Me as a…well, Read-Me!
  • We are dropping an update in coming days.

Feel free to fire any questions over.
Best wishes,

Hey all,
I just want to let you know that we updated the FIR Convolver plugin, following your feedback and support. Here’s Teff our Senior Product Manager to explain what’s new:

You can download the updated plugin here:
Join the the GPU Audio community on Discord: GPU Audio

I’d love to hear your thoughts,