GPU powered VST's

Just saw this posted on Reddit:-

Looks a really interesting concept, anyone know much else about it? Tried it maybe?

My only thought is that more and more people are using integrated graphics in their computers. I have no plans to add an eGPU to mine, so I don’t know what use GPU-powered plugs would be to me.

There’s a huge shortage of GPUs due to massive demand right now. Nvidia are reporting large revenues and can’t keep up because of this.

If you look at the bitcoin miners who place GPU cards in racks and utilise them for efficient processing power - if VST’s could run within an expandable rack away from your main CPU, i think it’s quite an exciting proposition.

Maybe not for the likes of myself, i can manage within a modern i7/i9 quite comfortably and like to move between laptop and desktop machines. And as you, i have integrated in my desktop, and i disable the GTX in my laptop to save battery.

But for big score/very high sample rate composers, in fixed studio locations - this could be really good alternative to using VE Pro on slave hardware - as it’s all controllable from the one DAW.

I Was hoping that someone here may have applied to be a tester for them.