Grace note at the starting beat

Is there a way to display a grace note alligned with other notes on the same beat?
Just to make clear the the note is on the downbeat and not in upbeat?

I know I can move it manually but of course it will be easyer if there is an automatic way to do it.


I don’t think there’s an automatic way to do this, no. You could alternatively not use grace notes, but instead use standard notes (in a tuplet if needed to show the appropriate durations) and use the Scale size property to make the first two notes grace note-sized?

Yes, I thought about change scale size, but I would like also to have the slash on the flag to make clear that the notes are to play “as fast as possible”.

I’m composing a piece using a lot of uncommon gestures and notation.
Of course I will have to write, delete, move bars, copy, paste ecc and in this process to move thing manually is not the best, but I can do if there aren’t any other solution!

If the tempo should be fairly precise, I would just write the fastest notes that can be played well. Grace notes tend to be vague as to rhythmic position. If you want it exactly on the beat, regular notes would be clearer.

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I tried to avoid to go into details but…

I work in contemporary music
I have to say to a trombonist to go away from mouthpiece exactly in the moment he play a slap.
I have an extra stave with two line for embouchure position.
I can’t write this as a precise timed gesture becouse it as to be very very fast, really as fast as possible, but absolutely not before the slap.

Anyway workarounds are ordinary routine for this kind of notations.

Thanks anyway

Looks like Lillie’s suggestion is best for this. You can fake the grace note slash with a solid line attached to the two notes, positioned in engrave mode.

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