Grace Note Placement

My intention was to have the grace notes play just before the beat so the main note still hits on the beat. I wrote 32nd triplets before the bar and then converted them to grace notes and got what you see.

This looks fine, but the playback engine starts the grace notes on the beat and the main notes hit late.

This is not the worst issue in the world, but can you tell me what the best (standard) practice is for scoring this type of thing?



By the way, it doesn’t change the question, but that image is Vlns I, Vlns II, and Vlas, so Treble-Treble-Alto Clefs.

There’s a playback option to do this.

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you don’t have to create regular notes, then turn them into grace-note sized notes.
if you press / when entering notes, you enter grace notes automatically. they will play back properly.

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Thank you. The triplet thing was just an experiment to see hiw it sounded, but I’ll try this shortcut.

In my example, would I position the caret right on the quarter to enter the grace notes?

yes, as soon as you hit / the caret moves back a fraction and notes are entered before the “real” note.

you can also enter grace notes first (if, for example, you are going measure by measure entering music). hitting / starts grace note entry, hitting / again returns you to normal note entry, and any subsequent notes will follow the grace notes you’ve already input.

you’ll see when you hit / that the caret changes slightly, the vertical line marking where in the measure you are gets a bit shorter, and the little note at the bottom rises up a bit, closer to the bottom line of the staff.

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Excellent. Thank you.

Actually could not get this to work.

  1. Placed the caret on main note and hit the grace note icon.
  2. Entered the first of the three grace notes.
  3. Could note enter the second grace note: it just overwrote the first.

have you tried using the keyboard shortcut, rather than clicking on the gracenote icon?

Try this video:

I think the “Grace note(s) before barline” option is what I need. Thanks.

Note that it is still impossible to have both grace notes before and after the barline. I hope this will be possible sooner than later (I’ve had to put several scores in hold before completing them because of that).

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@MarcLarcher: In case you missed it on the other thread, @Christian_R came up with a clever and clean workaround:

The extra steps might be annoying if you have to do this all over the place in a big score, but hopefully we won’t have to soon…


Thanks ! That’s a clever use of the new « hide noteheads » in Dorico 5 which I had not thought about.

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