Grace note positioning

Hi, Daniel.

We’ve been discussing the attached problem on the notatio forum and wondering how flexible Dorico will be with regard to the placement of grace notes in relation to the beat.

Will it be possible to automatically position grace notes on the beat, shifting multiple grace notes and the succeeding primary note forward automatically, like in this Boulez example, or is Dorico limited to the conventional grace note spacing?

In case of the latter, how easy will it be to manually re-space the notes according to the example compared to other programs like Finale or Sibelius?

If you are interested in reviewing the basic implementation, in December 2014, Daniel talked about how grace note positioning will work in Dorico in the development diary part 9 :

(there is also some info on grace notes in part 10)

If things have changed since these articles, Daniel may be able to fill us in.


I’d forgotten about the paragraphs on grace notes in part 9.
While it doesn’t specify that placing grace notes on the beat, as in the Boulez, is possible at present, the self contained nature of grace notes and primary note does seem to make this easier to implement in a future version.

You can’t space grace notes as if they were on the beat at the moment, but this is something we can look at for future versions, of course.

Thanks, Daniel.

Is there no way to ‘fake it’ until this is implemented as a true feature?

In theory you could offset the main rhythmic note to which the grace notes belong by the width of the run of grace notes, which would make it appear that the grace notes start at the primary rhythmic position.

Thanks, Daniel!