Grace-note properties in Write mode

I couldn’t find any inquiries about this, which makes me think I have somehow got my copy of Dorico Pro (3.5.12) into an odd state, unlikely as that seems. But despite the fact that the manual says that Grace Notes can be edited via the Properties panel in either Write or Engrave mode, and despite my memory of doing exactly that in the past, I find that selecting a grace note produces a corresponding panel in Properties only in Engrave mode. (Even Engrave doesn’t offer the option to move it before a barline.) Is this something that has been changed?



You haven’t added a search filter in Properties that would restrict your view, have you?

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I don’t think so. But in any case, I just quit and restarted Dorico, and all the relevant panels are now what I expect to see. I don’t know what happened to cause the problem, but obviously this is something I should have tried before I asked. Thank you for your kind response, and I suppose this whole thread can be deleted.

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