Grace Notes At Beginning Not Playing


Grace notes at the beginning of my scores are not playing back. I found a post back in 2017 acknowledging this as a bug. Are there plans to fix this anytime soon? I have updated to Dorico Pro 2.1.

This is still a limitation in Dorico’s playback system, I’m afraid. I can’t say when it is likely to be addressed: it’s not a simple matter to improve this because the root of the issue is that these notes occur before the start of the score, and therefore in a kind of “negative time” that requires special handling.

Hi Daniel,

I have also come across grace notes not playing back at the beginning of my latest piece and was wondering when this issue might be rectified.



This was fixed some years ago. You need to change a Playback Option, though: see Changing the pre-roll duration

Thank you kindly for this valuable information. I would never have found where I needed to go or what I needed to change. I am not sure I would describe this issue as fixed. It certainly works but Dorico in 2021 should be smart enough to deal with this in the background. I hope it will be in a future update anyway.

Still, grace notes at the beginning of a flow won’t take volume settings (pp, mf etc.) into account, even when a pre-roll duration is set.

Do you have a project that shows this?
I have no problem getting grace-notes to respect the dynamic at the start of a new project.

You’re correct pianoleo, the first flow of a project works just fine. But I was having some problems in a project with multiple flows. For example in a score with two flows, if the second flow begins with grace notes, they take the dynamic volume that was active at the end of the first flow.

In this example file, the triple-fff carries over to the grace notes in the next flow which have the pp-dynamic.Both Halion and Noteperformer are behaving like this for me.
grace note volume test.dorico (387.8 KB)

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Gotcha. Hopefully someone from the development team will clock this.
For what it’s worth, I’ve not seen this reported before (and I read most posts on this forum and the Facebook group). If you spot things that look like bugs, do report them - they’re more likely to get fixed that way.

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve made a note of it and we’ll take care of it in a future version.


confirmed with other libraries. Interesting that no-one spotted previously!