Grace notes in drum part

Hi Everyone,

In another product I can use grace notes in a drum part to achieve the kind of “ba-da-boom” like this:
Grace Notes Drum Part - Product B.png
Whereas in Dorico when I attempt the same thing, the grace notes seem to stack like this:
Grace Notes Drum Part.png
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might get the same results as in product B?

many thanks,

Grace Notes Drum Part - Product B.png

There looks to be a bug here, which I’ll ask the team to look into. You seem to be able to input only one grace note on a drum kit at the moment, which isn’t right. What I suggest you do for now is create the ba-da-boom figure on a pitched instrument and then copy it to the drum staff, then use Alt+up/down arrow to move the grace notes to the correct staff position/instrument.