Grace notes in key editor

Related to my previous topic about grace notes and pedal releases before barlines, for this example:


why do the grace notes align on the note and not before in the key editor, and yet they playback before the note correctly?


And more, in Cubase the MIDI renders correctly in the key editor with the graces before the notes, in the right place.

So what is going on with Dorico (4.0.31)?

[I know Dorico is not a DAW, but still, I find this very confusing.]

The key editor has two modes - one for the notated duration and one for the sounding duration. If you switch to the sounding duration mode then you will see something more like Cubase.

@Richard_Lanyon thank you. Wish those buttons had tooltips (there’s a recent topic on that…).

So this is good, but I would claim that notated the graces still come before the note and not on top of it. What is that about? I can’t say I follow the Dorico logic.

The place where they are drawn is their notated (not played) position - i.e. where they are actually attached in the score.

So, I think I am starting to see. Grace notes are not regarded as first class citizens but ‘attachments’ to the note they are associated with. I suppose one could also make the argument that grace notes occupy no musical time, at the logical level. Thanks for helping out with this. The main thing is you can adjust them, so that’s good.