Grace Notes on beat or adding slash to 'normal' notes beaming

I’m trying to type in Dorico one of Frederic Rzewski’s piano compositions and I need a little help here…

I need to create grace notes in the right hand that starts on a chord in the left hand. I didn’t find way to make them do that (is there a way?) so I created regular eight-notes, scaled them into grace notes and hid extra pauses in the left hand. But I need those fake grace notes slashed and can’t find the way to do that.

Or find another workaround. Or just a simple way of doing it, that I don’t know :slight_smile:

Here’s the original score and my attempts in recreating it:
(It has open time signature)

[I’m currently using Dorico 3.5 Pro if that matters].

Would appreciate your help!

You can write regular eighth notes and scale them to grace note size.
Add a solid line attached to the first 2 notes and position it in engrave mode.
You’ll be left with an extra rest in LH which you can hide.

Ok, so the solid line was my missing element. Thanks!

For anyone who finds this topic, I’ll mention that it’s better to add them (solid lines) after finishing the whole score, because otherwise they tend to move around. :slight_smile: