Grace notes spacing

Sorry, I know this has been discussed already, but I can’t find a solution.
In the following exemple you can see that single grace note is correctly spaced, while the double grace notes are too close to the following real note. This is happening everywhere.
I can’t find the right global setting to fix this.
Thank you very much in advance.
Slice 1.pdf (18.6 KB)

I think this would be a candidate for a quick manual adjustment of spacing. I understand that’s not desirable often, but sometimes it’s just the only way.

Edit: but in this case, it’s NOT the only way. :nerd_face:

Engraving Options > Notes > Grace Notes > Minimum distance between rightmost grace note and rhythmic item.

The factory default is 1/2 a space; I suspect yours is currently smaller, @stefanorabaglia

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Pianoleo for President!!!
Exactly what I was looking for.
I must have changed this setting by mistake.
Much obliged.

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This is potentially helpful, but in a flow with many grace notes, repairing this for this one instance

messes up all the others. And manual adjustment as suggested by Dan last January does not work. It distorts the rest of the spacing but nothing affects the crucial 2 notes.

Each time I have this situation where different values of grace notes are present at the exact same spot, I choose not to use the grace note tool. This tool is perfectly implemented for usual grace note use, but when music notation gets complicated with those, it’s not efficient to waste time, trying to make this work.
Dorico has a very good tuplet tool that is my main “go-to” tool each time I seem to reach the boundaries of music notation semantics…
In this case, you could input a 11:4x tuplet (x is for 16th note value) on the first beat, write all the notes in upstem voice 1, rescale the 4 notes as grace notes in the properties panel, leaving the first one normal(make sure you have put the properties setting to global before this step, or propagate properties, in order to have that grace note looks in the parts as well). If there are other grace notes at the same spot in other instruments, proceed likewise — the tuplet will depend on the musical content and the appearance you want to give it. Providing you choose your tuplets wisely, you might even not have to tweak anything in note spacing!

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That’s brilliant, Marc, thank you! and I didn’t have to tweak the spacing.

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