Grace period 11 -> 12

I’m running Cubase Pro 10.5. If I now buy the upgrade to Cubase 11, would that allow me to get a free update to 12 due to the grace period?

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You can buy the license anytime. The Activation license date is the important one. So if you buy it now, wait until Cubase 12 is out and then activate it, you will get Cubase 12 for sure.

I´ve pasted the information from Steinberg below. I’m just a bit uncertain if an upgrade within the grace period counts as a new license activation and warrants a free upgrade to version 12. I would like go get version 11 now but will hold off if I don’t get the free upgrade.

Due to the upcoming change to a new, more user-friendly license management system, the release of Cubase 12 will be postponed to 2022. The exact date has not been set yet. Nevertheless, the Grace Period for Cubase 12 already starts on November 10! **This means that as soon as Cubase 12 has been released, any Cubase 11 license activated after November 9, 2021 can be updated to the corresponding Cubase version (Cubase Pro 12, Cubase Artist 12 or Cubase Elements 12) for free. A license is considered activated when it has been downloaded via the eLicenser Control Center after entering a valid activation code and saved on a USB-eLicenser (Cubase Pro 11, Cubase Artist 11) or in a Soft-eLicenser on the hard disk (Cubase Elements 11). We will inform you about the technical details of the free Grace Period Update in due time.


Thanks for the sharing. As written, the Grace Period started already, so if you activate any Cubase 11 license (it doesn’t matter, if it’s a Full license, or an update or upgrade), your license would become updated to Cubase 12, once the version is out.

Hi, sorry that my first post here is a boring technical question - I realise this is a peer to peer forum, but not sure where else to ask (I raised a support ticket over a week back with no reply)

I used to have a Cubase 10 Pro license which I bought a 10.5 upgrade for, and activated (the 10.5 upgrade) after Cubase 11 was released so got 11 for free.

I then sold that license a while back, but I missed Cubase too much(!) so I’ve just bought a brand new boxed Cubase 10 Pro competitive crossgrade (which I’m eligible for)

My question is if I can activate it now and still be eligible for the v12 grace period, when I’ve already had a v11 grace period upgrade on this account. I read something on these forums (though can’t find it to link) about a grace period update only being provided once (?per account ?per version)

I am concerned that this might be considered a second v11 grace period upgrade (in the v12 grace period) and so I might not qualify.

Can anybody advise if I’m safe to use the activation code now, or do I need to wait until 12 is released?

Grateful for any advice - thank you.

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Yes, you are safe. Any license will be updated to the current one. So if you activate it now, you get Cubase 11 today and Cubase 12 at the release day.

You can own even multiple licenses, they are independent then.

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Hi Martin - that’s really great news and thanks for confirming so quickly!
Best wishes

The real question is what is the grace period we are willing to give Steinberg if we don’t get non-linear features in 12…

Hi everyone,

I bought and activated Cubase 11 on November 24, and I just tried following the steps in the help center about obtaining the grace period update. However, when I click on the profile icon in Steinberg Activation Manager, I only get the “MySteinberg…” option, not the “Grace Period Check…” option. I don’t have the eLicenser Control Center or any other Steinberg software running when doing so. Any idea what might be wrong?


Run Steinberg Download Assistant and let all the updates install. This should update Steinberg Activation Manager to the latest version, which has the “Grace Period Check…” menu option.

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Ah, thanks! I see the option now.

Hi, on MySteinberg it results that my activation code for Cubase 11 pro is Grace Preiod eligible, yet the activation manager disagrees.
How do I activate Cubase 12 pro?

Have you activated the Cubase 11 license? It’s not the code that’s upgradeable, it’s the license, once it’s been activated.

Yes, been using it since december.

I have the same issue. Cubase update from 10 to 11 on Dezember the 14.
Can not update now to 12 :frowning: .
eLicenser says Grace Period is eligible, but no update function, no activation code :frowning: .

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Hi, same here. Cubase 11 in Use sind End of November. eLicenser says Eligable for Grace Period but Activation Manager can not find any possible Upgradings.