Grace Period address

Is cubase6gp(sb) an email address? Should I substitute @ for (sb)
Unsure which is correct. Thanks for any help.

Which country?


This is the US distributor, there’s a toll free # for Q’s and ordering.

Here are the instructions:

In order to obtain the update or upgrade, please email your scanned or photographed proof of purchase to Steinberg. Please make sure that the proof of purchase is legible and contains the purchase date. It’s also important that you provide a functional email address so that we can provide you with your personalized link to the Steinberg Online Shop from where you will then buy your Grace Period update or upgrade.

Please send your proof of purchase to: cubase6gp(sb)

It sounds like this is supposed to be an email address, but I’ve never heard of (sb) in place of @ before, and the proof of purchase must be emailed.

Yeah, but I think that’s for overseas. They put the (sb) to keep it from being a hyperlink. I’d call the #, it’s toll free.

Here is the Steinberg page regarding the grace period upgrade. I’m pretty sure Keyfax is out of the picture, it’s Asknet now. They show the address you deciphered, cubasist.
Without the sb.

Hi there,
Keyfax is no longer the US distributor! :exclamation:

And the correct email is:

Thanks for the help!