Grace Period Checker keeps failing to 12

i cant even USE IT!!!

I have my elgible grace period here:

But then running maintenance tasks, my 11 license is NOT SHOWING anything about being elgible in grace period, it is just blank!!!

worst of all, is THIS!!!

yeah GREAT licensing solution, its more of the same HEADACHE just in non-dongle form!!! it is a mask parading pretending to be something new, but inside it is the same headache with licensing system so far! I am being denied a free updated when i clealry activated during grace period.

No worries. You are still eligible for the free grace period update. Unfortunately there is still a lot of traffic on our good old eLicenser server which is needed to verify the grace period.

Please have some more patience. As soon as the peak is reduced you will be able to update.

It’s all very well telling us to wait until the server is less busy - but who thought it was a good idea for the eLicenser software to revoke an existing/valid licence BEFORE checking for a connection to the server?

After attempting to run the eLicenser Maintenance (which I thought I’d read somewhere on here was a good idea to do before checking for the grace period via the Steinberg Activation Manager) and have it fail repeatedly over the past 16 hours, my (previously validated) license for Pro 11 is now crippled. My issue with all of this “please be patient” is that until the server situation is resolved I now cannot do any work - let alone attempt to upgrade.

How was this eventuality not foreseen by Steinberg following this exact issue which happened during the release of Cubase 11?

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We worked hard to shift as many processes away from the old licensing system and to our new (more capable) Steinberg Licensing servers. Unfortunately, the grace period and update verification process require unavoidable communication with the eLicenser system.

The update from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12 should be the last time that we have this kind of issue with an overloaded eLicenser server.

We hear your frustration and ask you bear with us this one last time. Things will be much better from now on!

Well here is the problem. I am able to get the maintenance check in elicenser sometimes to work all the way but my cubase 11 never turns into “Grace Period Eligible”. Everyone else here, has problems, but once they get the maintenance working, their license says “Grace Period Eligible” but mine never changes even after maintenance. Ok, maybe the activation manager is having problem, but according to Elicenser manager, it goes sucesfully thorugh all steps and my license never tells me anything about grace. its just “Cubase 11 Pro” and nothing else. (See 2nd picture in original post). It is STILL telling me this today after finally again succesfully doing maintenance.

In this case, I think you will need to get in touch with our technical support team who can verify your eligibility and help you get started with the grace period process.

Yesterday I finally managed to get the eLincenser Maintenance to work, so my Cubase 11 installation became useable again. However, no matter what I did - or how long I waited - running a Grace Period Check via the Steinberg Activation Manager always failed immediately with the “An unknown error…” message.

At some point in the past (I don’t remember why) I set the Compatibility properties for eLCC.exe to “Run this program as an Administrator”. After reversing that today and retrying the Grace Period Check - the check ran successfully at the first attempt. Hopefully this might be a possible fix for others facing the same issue.

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Thanks bro ,thats really worked!