Grace period for Cubase 12... big trouble!

Hi there! I have a big issue upgrading my cubase 11 pro to 12 with the grace period.
I have to say that I had to change my email on my profile but everything seems to be ok… new email address but everything I had is still in my profile.
I made the procedure to obtain the activation code for cubase 12 but I never received any mail from Steinberg.
The new activation manager don’t find any license on my Steinberg profile.
My e-licenser works well and my Cubase 11 Pro works perfectly but I want to use Cubase 12!
How can I do? Anyone can help me?
I submitted a ticket in the Steinberg support but still no answer…
So grateful if someone could help me…

Working on a Mac Pro 5.1 2010, Big Sur Os, Cubase 11 Pro with e-licenser

Thanks a lot!

Did you try putting the cubase 11 activation number into the download manager.

Yes but it ask me if i want to activate the license that already works in my e-licenser…
And i’m scared something can go wrong and mess with all my working set-up…

If you accept it should walk you through the step of upgrading in the activation manager but, as far as I know the first step is to enter it into the download manager.

You can go to the activation manager and do a grace. Check. Your license will read no- upgradable once it is complete

Ok! Today i’ll try… please cross musician fingers and repeat mantra… everything’s gonna be alright… ahahahahah
thank u for help!

Good luck. I hope it works

Now we got another problem… I do not receive any mail from Steinberg with activation code for Cubase 12! I made the whole procedure more than 5 times but i received nothing… no mail in spam, no mail anywhere… my account works well i received notifications from steinberg forum so my mail address is known from the system.
What the hell went wrong? i think it’s a problem inside the system and should be solved by steinberg… that’s why I opened a ticket with support section, but if someone should have any idea please suggest…

no one…? no one from Steinberg can help a poor user in trouble with the mail?

I think they’re buried under a tonne of requests at the moment (mine included).

I saw someone else on here has been waiting four weeks for their upgrade licence.

I’m sure they’ll get to it eventually.

thanks man! I think the same… the only important thing is to finally have the license working… I upgraded my 10.5 just because of the chance to have the cubase 12 upgrade grace period so I would be very upset if this doesn’t happen. I don’t know if there’s a time limit to upgrade or take advantage of grace period… you know something about?

Hi @gianluca_boffoli, I will sent you a PM with a new Grace Period DAC. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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I want to thank Matthias in front of all the world! He solved my problem and now everything works perfectly! You’re the best so far!


Hey, that’s great. (I wonder how far back in the queue I am…)

@Yearofthegoat I can’t see any products in your account. Could you please sent me a PM with the email address your products are registered to? And some details what you need help for would be great. :wink:

Good morning Matthias! My name is Gianluca and I’m here because you helped me one year ago with my Grace period DAC but now I have the same issue with a new Mac mini M2…

I switch for a new Mac from my old Pro and I have a problem with Cubase 12.

I installed Cub 11 and Cub 12 and I put on a USB port my Steinberg USB key… Cubase 11 runs with no prob but for cubase 12 I have a problem with license.

I entered in Steinb Download Ass the grace period DAC that you send me (and in my old Pro works fine) but it shows a message no license found to upgrade…

I can’t understand what’s the problem… in my old Pro with the Steinberg usb stick and on line connection everything work fine…

What can I do to make it running?

On my Steinberg account I can see my Cubase 11 and 12 pro… what’s the issue?

If you can help me once more I’ll be very thankful…

Have a nice day, Gianluca.

You don’t have to enter the code again. Just installer Cubase 12 and on launch you will be asked to log into your account. The license is stored in there already.

Matthias… it’s, as usual, my fault…
I have too many authorizations…
limit is 3…
so sorry…
Thank u so much… u make me think smarter, I don’t know why…
Have a great day! Thanks again!

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