Grace period not showing in the latest eLicenser to upgrade from 11 LE to 12 LE

I activated my Cubase LE 11 on 23/09/2022 and according to the posts on the Cubase page I should be getting activation code for LE 12 but the eLicenser doesn’t show it and activation manager states 'no licenser found. Would it be possible for me to get the latest Cubase LE 12 and how?
I followed all the steps mentioned on the official Cubase site and it still doesn’t work.
Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Rise the support ticket and ask for the code, please.

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Thanks Martin for your response. I have submitted my request at asking for the code on the same day. Steinberg being Steinberg haven’t responded yet to my request. I’ll keep updating the progress here for those who are facing the similar issues.


This is not the support email address. Please, rise the support ticket from your MySteinberg account to speed the process up.

Hey Martin,
Unfortunately Indian customers don’t get direct support from their mySteinberg account. I would love if you know any better ways to expedite the process. Thank you!


Then get in contact with your local Steinberg distributor/support, please.

First thank you for your reply. I initially contacted them and they asked me to contact Steinberg at


Oh no! They should take care of it. This is a generic email address, it will take some time to process it. I’m sorry for that.