Grace period update to Dorico 4

That works and apparently installs the programme but when I try to install Dorico 4 itself I get the error message I posted before. I have just tried to install on my Windows PC from the email I received to tell me I was eligible but it just crashes when I try the install link.

Sorry, I think you’ve misunderstood. SDA does two things:

  • it downloads the various installers you need
  • it installs them

What you are telling me is that SDA can download the installers correctly but cannot install them - the error message you posted above is coming from SDA. What I am suggesting is that you run the downloaded files yourself, manually, rather than letting SDA do it. The Dorico installer will be called /Users/chrisbarch/Downloads/Steinberg/OSX/Dorico Pro 4 Application Installer/Dorico_4_Installer_mac.dmg, and when you open that it should reveal a file called Dorico 4.pkg which you can run.

OK will try

Many thanks; I finally now have Dorico Pro 4 up and running.

seems to be sorted now - I had to activate the product first.

Perfect! The download access code just arrived!
Thank you for the prompt response (as always).
You and the team have done a staggering job, and the new features vastly exceed my expectations. The new inline key editor alone brought a huge grin on my face; I can’t wait to try it out when I get back :smiley:

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Hi there. Looking forward to using Dorico 4. I bought the 3.5 education license and I’m having similar issues with the Grace Period upgrade to 4. I have a USB e-licenser (from some Vienna products I own) and it looks like the Dorico 3.5 went on there. I’ve followed some of the steps above and have yet to receive an activation code for Dorico 4. When I open up the Steinberg Download Assistant no products show up under “My product downloads” and in Steinberg Activation Manager it says “No Licenses Found”. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum, @Glenn_J! When did you first activate your Dorico 3.5 license? Did you purchase from the Steinberg online shop, or from another reseller?

Hi Daniel! I activated my 3.5 education license on November 30, I believe. I bought it from the Steinberg web shop.

Thanks for letting me know, Glenn. Could you please send me a direct message (click on my name above this post and then click the Message button on the right in the pop-up that appears) and include a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center window, so I can see your existing Dorico 3.5 license. Do you happen to remember whether you have re-activated the software since November, e.g. because you needed to move it to another computer, or you had to reinstall your operating system, anything like that?

Thanks, Daniel. I put 3.5 on my MacBook Air and iMac. Not sure if that answers your question. It worked in both and I didn’t have to switch any licenses between the two devices. I’ll send you those screenshots when I’m home and have access to the e-license number. Thanks again for all your help!

Hi again, Daniel. I didn’t see the direct message option so I’ve emailed you the eLicenser screenshots to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de

Hi, can I have the link for Dorico 4 Elements? I have Elements 3.5 registered in December, but when I perform the maintenance tasks in eCC, it doesn’t prompt me to go to any pages.

Welcome to the forum, @d2dsf. Can you please send me a private message here on the forum including a screenshot of the eLicenser Control Center window showing your Dorico Elements 3.5 license, and I’ll be able to help you.

My Dorico 4 license stopped working in the middle of a Woking session.

I updated an activated my free update early January from 3.5 to 4.0 using the download access code I received from Steinberg per email. All worked fine and the product showed up in my products but yesterday after I closed Dorico it simply stopped working and now claims the grace period expired. 11 February. I tried all the suggested actions like sign out and in again but it remains impossible to reactivate. In the activation manager it shows Verification pending and after singing out and in I do see a red activate button but when I press it shows an Online shop button in yellow. A Lin k which also does not work by the way.

I’ll send you a private message with instructions for how to proceed from here.

I have got a similar problem to mavros apart from the error message which says verification pending. I have already used Dorico 4 on both my PC and my Mac and now it is giving this error on both.

@Caterpilla127, you should find that if you download and install SAM version 1.1:

When you run the new update and click the Refresh button in the top right-hand corner, you should hopefully see your permanent license appear, so you can activate it. I’ve asked my colleague Ed in support to remove the expired license from your account, so at some point (maybe even by the time you see this and follow these steps) it will disappear.

Thank you very much for this. Dorico 4 is up and running again on both my computers.

Hi Gabriel. First, if the grace period isn’t showing up in eLC, you could try it from the Steinberg Activation Manager, as described here (click on Steinberg Licensing in this page) . However, it might depend on when/how you purchased Dorico 3.5 - things are slightly different if you bought during the End of Summer Sale, as described at For people awaiting Dorico 4 grace period updates who bought in the End of Summer Sale.