grace period upgrade link leads to 404 error

i have installed cubase 6 and activated it on 1st of march,after doing licence mateinence the elicenser shows that i have a full license for cubase 6.5,i then proceed to the grace period link to check my eligibility for the 6.5 update and after i qualify i get 2 links,1 for pc and 1 for mac,when i click on the cubase 6.5 upgrade.exe link it leads to this 404 error saying that page is not found or could have been moved,where else do i get the link or download it from or is it because of the high volume of downloads goign through to the servers that causes me to not be able to download?

Any form of help is appreciated,thanks everyone

Must just be a fluke.

Worked for me a few minutes ago.

sorry man what do you mean by a fluke?

cuz i’ve been trying for about a week alr,every morning and night i try once to download but everytime its the same 404 error,may i know what internet browser you used to download with?

By fluke I mean that its not working for you, but its working for me (ie working for some, but not working for others).
Different server?
Try contacting support.

Using Firefox 10.0.2

refreshed the same page with the link and it works!