Grace period with elicenser and Cubase 12


I have a Cubase 10 Pro license on my elicenser and a 10 Pro to 10.5 upgrade key which I bought a while ago and is not activated.

If I activate my upgrade now, I get a license for 12 Pro (Steinberg licence product) and on my elicenser will be the license for 11 Pro (afaik), right?

What if I activate this upgrade when 12 is out already? What if I activate it when the grace period for 13 Pro started already?

For me it is important that I still will get the 11 Pro license on my elicenser in these cases. How is the plan there, is this guaranteed?



Whatever license you have on the Elicenser when you update to 12 is the license that will remain on the Elicenser, is what SB has said. There’s no expiration of activation codes, you get the latest version available at the time of activation. So if you have Cubase 10, that’s what will remain on the USB key.

I doubt that… the grace period update is valid for version 11 only. He has an update to 10.5.

BTW, I don’t understand why somebody is holding back an activation code.
If you update to a new version, you are still able to use all former versions…all of them.

My understanding is that the grace period policy hasn’t changed, So presumably the wait-to-update trick would work, but in this case the license remaining on the USB key would be for C10

Because I dont need a newer version than 10? And now I have the opportunity to go from 10 to 12 directly for a very reasonble price…

I am sorry but can you clarify this? Now you gave 2 answers that are both contradicting the other answer. Whats true now?
If I update now I get 11 on the elicenser plus 12 as “Steinberg license”.

If I update when 12 is out… what happens? Why should I only have the version 10 on my elicenser? If I upgrade from 10 to 12 with my from 10 to 10.5 update… I should be able to use all versions up to version 12?

Do I have to activate now in order to have 11 on the elicenser? Are you sure?

For an authoritative answer, you’re gonna have to read the announcement about the new licensing system and the FAQs, both at the Steinberg website so you can figure it out for yourself.

Even if I told you I was sure, it wouldn’t matter since I’m not a a Steinberg employee.

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Thanks but I think this is too complicated for me. Why can’t a Steinberg employee give a clear statement on this here?

This is a user forum in the first place…

But at

They have, over and over. Look up the topics, they will be tagged: Topics tagged steinberg-licensing

Find the oldest ones and read.

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Did not find anything helpful on the page you linked.

But thank you both for your participation. Let’s hope a Steinberg employee shows up to clear things.

The transition to new Steinberg product licensing begins! - #2 Be sure to read the last paragraph,