Grade This?!

Would anyone feel like having a look over this arrangement and critiquing the notation practices? Sometimes I feel like Dorico’s defaults aren’t what I am used to and there are other practices that I am unsure of, especially the deeper into notating a song I get into. My brain is fried, haha.

Also some general questions.

  1. How do I get rid of the Vocal and Guitar Header at the top of page 2 and on…?
  2. How do I add copyright at the bottom of the first page if I am in Elements?

I am looking for ANY and ALL critiques judgements etc.

Thanks In Advance!
Lean On Me-Final (632 KB)

I think this looks very fine overall, for whatever my opinion is worth!

To remove the headers from page 2 and onwards requires Dorico Pro, I’m afraid: in Pro, you would go to Engrave mode, and double-click the ‘Default’ page in the Master Pages section on the right-hand side to open the master page editor. Delete the header entirely or remove the token that you don’t want to see, and click Apply and Close. I’ve done that in the attached version, and the change will persist when you reopen it in Elements.

To add copyright at the bottom of the first page, go to File > Project Info and type what copyright info you want to see in the ‘Copyright’ field.

You might consider removing the down-stem rests in the first couple of bars, and similar later spots, via Edit > Remove Rests.

Thanks, Daniel! Your opinion is worth a lot to me and others here, I know.

So maybe I will just rename the flow to reflect a different header result. No problem!

I do have the copyright info in the Copyright field. I will try again.

I was not liking those rests either but couldn’t remember how to do so, thank you.

Thanks Again,

Ah one follow up about navigation. How might I more easily navigate the rests? Preferably mouse-free. If I use the arrows or TAB, I seem to only be able to navigate the notes.


You should be able to navigate to the rests provided you’re in the same voice already.