Gradual dynamics during long notes

How can I align gradual dynamic objects to beats within a long note? The following score snippet is in 6/8 meter.

For example, the bottom staff here has two dotted half notes tied together. I want the hairpin crescendo to go to beat 4 (halfway through the measure), and the hairpin decrescendo to begin there. Instead, I can only align the hairpin decresc to noteheads, meaning I can’t begin it at beat 4 of the preceding measure.

Additionally, in the top staff, the hairpin cresc and decresc are not aligned (they are offset from each other, looking sloppy). Why is that? I want the cresc hairpin to go to beat 5, and the decresc hairpin to start at beat 5 or 6.


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Dynamics only group (and therefore align) if they are created sequentially. Select a row of dynamics you want to align, and right-click–Dynamics–Group. I’ve set this to Ctrl-Shift-G.

Select a hairpin and use Alt-Shift-right arrow to make it longer.

You can use note input mode (the caret) and input a hairpin using Shift-D, then Spacebar. Works handily in some cases.

ctrl-alt-left/right will move the dynamics according to the setting of the grid.

Thanks for the tip about dynamic groups, that makes sense

I have been suing alt-shift-arrowkey to adjust length of dynamic, but this doesn’t work for my issue regarding the lowest staff in the image: I want to place the decresc hairpin to start at beat 4 in measure 3 and can’t seem to do it.

Janus: I can’t seem to get your key command to do anything. I am selecting gradual dynamics, pressing control-option-arrowkey (on Mac) but no movement is happening

Turn on note input mode, navigate the caret to the spot you want it to start, Shift-D, >, Enter, then Spacebar until you get the length you want.

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Don’t know MAC terminology, but I think it is perhaps cmd-opt-(left/right)?

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Ah, this works, Thank you!

DanK, your solution would also work but I prefer Janus’ solution that doesn’t involve note-input mode

Yep, multiple options are always good. The note input option is good for when you want to insert a hairpin or immediate dynamic within an existing tie chain.

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