gradual effects

hi there,

I’m curious, is it possible to do gradual (terraced) effects in Dorico, for example here with “sul ponticello” - how would I do this in Dorico?


Hi :wink:,

I’m also extremely interested how to achieve this effect - and as I understand it’s not possible out of the box. Maybe someone has an idea how to make arrows using different tool… Please help :slight_smile:

This is not currently supported, but it’s something that we expect to be working on soon(ish) to round out the existing playing techniques functionality.

Thanks! But could we fake it for now with arrows using Shift-X?

I have to say - the Cueing system is blowing my mind. So thank you for that!

You can try faking up arrows with Shift+X text, sure, but I have a feeling it will be on the whole unsatisfactory. You could try a special font designed for the purpose, like this one.

brilliant, thank you!

…woah. THAT is cool.

For cantor or congregational indicators in liturgical music, I love this one!