Gradual tempo changes appearing only in galley view

Hi all, having a really odd problem in a score where inputing a gradual tempo change that occurs across a system break. The change appears in galley view, and plays back, but does not appear in page view, engrave mode, or output. Moving the change back so it’s not across a system break causes it to reappear.

Anyone have any ideas?

It’s a known bug: (read the whole thread - I realise there are various different bugs mentioned there, but I think this is either the last one or the penultimate one!).

I think it’s to do with the fact that the instruction starts on a stave that then gets hidden. The only workaround that I can think of is this:
Set a rall that runs from halfway through bar 83 to the THIRD beat of bar 84.
In Engrave mode extend the continuation line/dots to the barline.
Go back to Write mode.
Set a new rall that starts at the beginning of bar 85 (or what ought to be bar 85 - you seem to have a manual bar number somewhere that’s messed up!) and runs to the end of the piece or wherever you want it to end.
With that rall selected, still in Write mode, look in the bottom panel for “Abbreviation”. Flick the switch and type a single space (using space bar) in the box. Then flick the “Abbreviate” switch and tick the box.

You’ll need to do some similar jiggery-pokery with the violin part - the ralls will both be there but you’ll need to tell the second one to abbreviate again.

Thanks! I figured that it was a bug, just wanted to know if it was known. Thanks for the workaround.

Also, thanks for pointing out the measure number! I totally missed that.