Gradual tempo changes on both staffs (parts)

Hi there.
I’ve looking in the user manual and the forum to find an answer, but I wasn’t able to find any.
I’m currently working on a cello and piano sonata and I would like to have the “gradual tempo changes” (rall. rit. accell. etc…) appear on both parts. By default it only appears above.
Any help would be very appreciated.
(Dorico 4.3)

I am guessing you are referring to appearing in both parts in full score view of the instruments.

As far as I know (especially since you are dealing with only two instruments), I expect your best option for the present is to put the gradual tempo mark above the top part (cello) and then use staff text mimicking the style of the tempo text to add the identical text between the staves of the piano part. If necessary, you could create a paragraph style called something like pseudo-tempo to use when needed.

Here is an example. Perhaps someone in the know can tell me why, to my eye, the pseudo text looks ever so lighter in weight compared to the Gradual Tempo Font style. (My eyesight?)

Tanks Derrek. Yes, exactly that.
So the only way to repeat the tempo change indication is with a text. Ok, it’s a workaround.
I think it would be nice to have this possibility in “Engraving Options” or somewhere else. It’s impractical in an orchestral score, but in a cello sonata, piano trio etc… that indications are always repeated.

You should be able to change where system objects appear to include both strings and keyboards in this layout? This also includes other system objects, like rehearsal marks.