gradually raising pitch

Iwant to gradually raise the pitch as common effect in electro dance music,automate it if possible but not sure how to do it.If someone has idea,please help.

Open up an automation lane and select the desired option in the row of possibilities. By default it is set to Volume but just click on the box and select More… Or Other…
You are then able to select more options and you should choose the Pitchbend of the synth you are using.
Once that is done, click R and put a slope in the automation lane.

You can also click W on your track, play the track and adjust the pitch of your synth manually. It has the same effect.
Browse the Youtube for detailed info and of course a picture says more than a thousand words. :wink:

Thanks for advice,but I sound like a total amateur.First,the pitchbend range is not much bigger than octave so I cant achieve those long endless rises that reaches high tones.Second I have pitchbend range option only in monologue not in other synths which I use more.I haven’t found anything interesting on the net except drawing curves in controller lane and so on,but I’ve read some interesting posts about this stuff,where people discuss about portamento,envelopes,pitch range of synths,LFOs,automating more than one oscillator etc.As I’ve heard a lot of tracks made in cubase that sound really like a pro,there must be some clue how things should be done.If anyone knows appreciate a lot.Thanks.

Select a synth that is capable of pitchbending more than an octave.
Or when it is only capable of one octave, go from one octave below to one octave up. That gives you two octaves to work with.

I wouldn’t automate pitchbend for this type of thing. I would use the synth’s coarse tuning parameter if it has one. this gives you much more range than pitchbend, and you don’t have to deal with trying to modulate MIDI data which can be a real pain, particularly with pitchbend.

Most synths worth working with for this type of music have a coarse tuning parameter that will do exactly what you’re asking for. Which synths are you using? Just as an example, both Massive (Native Instruments) and Omnisphere (Spectrasonics) have the ability to do very wide smooth tuning curves with their tuning controls. Massive can go 64 semitones (more than 5 octaves) in BOTH directions. Omnisphere can go 48 semitones (4 octaves) in each direction. Others (like Halion Sonic’s Synth engine, and Fabfilter’s Twin 2) can only smoothly detune by an octave in each direction. It depends on what you’re using. And Retrologue, I’m sorry to say, isn’t good for this at all, as its coarse tuning only allows you to jump from semitone to semitone and nothing in between. And its fine tuning isn’t wide enough for what you’re after.

Anyway, if it were me, I’d do that, rather than try to modulate pitchbend data… it’s a bit more of a headache doing it that way, and it’s less flexible.

That all said, don’t be basing any purchase decisions on what I’ve said here. There are a lot of synths out there that can do this. You don’t have to spend lots of money to get one. Chances are you already have one anyway. :slight_smile:

If you’re unclear on how automation works, you’ll need to start there. Automation is very powerful in Cubase, which also makes it a bit steeper of a learning curve than other DAWs. Take your time, figure out which parameter on your synth you want to automate, and look at some online tutorials on how to do it if you’re not sure. There are also some fine points of automation that go beyond just “how to do it” that sort of … come with experience (or a really thorough tutorial).