Graffic issue on channel editor window

I’m using Cubase Pro 10 since the day of the release and everything worked fine, but three days ago this happened.

I’ve tried to remove the preferences, to update the drivers of the graffic card, to change the resolution of the screens and open Cubase again…
The point is that this was already happening with 9.5, but I could resize the editor window and the problem was gone. In Cubase 10 I can’t resize this window, so I can’t get rid of the problem.

I’m using PC with Wondows 10 (1803 version) - 64bits
CPU: intel xeon X5570 2.93HGz
Ram: 24Gb
Graffic card: Nvidia GTX 1050ti

I cannot work like this… It’s a big issue for me

Problem solved! Reseting the channel window in the window menu

Same problem here. The reset didn’t work for me.

Did you use this command? See picture.

Solved:) I had to go to Window menu and reset there…