Grand 3 problem (... not installed!)

Two years ago I installed my new Cubase 9,5 and Absolute 3 and The Grand was working. Anyway there were some other problems and I decided to reinstall. In the meentime I upgraded to Cubase 10.
Now I am installing everything as a should and everything is OK with both Cubase 10 and Absolute 3. Only when I open The Grand and try to chose a model I get the answer: “Model Yamaha C7 Close not installed!” (this is for the Model Yamaha C7 Close but also for any other model I would chose).
Anybody have idea what the problem might be?

What path did you set the installer to install the different models? Your problem is the program is not finding the different models. If you know where they are installed you can direct the program to that location.

The default location should be:

C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\The Grand 3\VST Sound

Finaly I did it! The problem has benn that I installed only The Grand 3 but not the Content. Obviously the Content needed kind of installation as well. So I pressed OPEN in te download assistant after te download was over.
Tank you very much CWS!

You are welcome. Glad you solved your issue!