Grand Rhapsody (Waves) VST problem with cc64 and cc67

I have Grand rhapsody Piano by Waves. When I try to actuate the Soft and Sustain functionality it glitches. In the user guide it says the these ‘pedals’ are latching and the turned ON/OFF by entries in the 64th and 67th controller. When I try these it seems to be randomly actuated. Does anyone here know how to implement these controllers in a stable way?

Depends what you you mean with ‘stable’? In cc64 (sustain) value 0 means no sustain, 127 means full sustain. Basic midi pedals will only switch between on (127) and off (0). The more advanced pedals support half pedaling (Fully pressed is 127 between a gliding scale of halfway 64 between the full release to off 0) and mimic the natural way a pedal works on a real piano.
If you play a piano actively and apply sustain during playing everything will feel natural and fall into place. If you try to add this artificially on an piano track afterwards it’s almost impossible to mimic this feeling. The same goes for the soft pedal but this is less pronounced because its values will have less impact on the the overall sound. And my experience with many software piano libraries is that this has less impact on the overall sound as it does on a real life piano.

By glitches i mean that the sustain and soft pedals actuates randomly. I have put in entries on cc64 and cc67. The pedals doesn’t follow my entries it seem.

Turns out I didn’t understand how to initiate the sustain pedal properly. It’s done under Controller Selection and Function in the midi editor. However, the Soft pedal is actuated by key entry