Grand Staff instrument

Is it possible to create a Grand Staff instrument with a bracket instead of a brace and with the barlines not crossing the whole stave (as used in contemporary worship scores?)

I managed to achieve this by creating separate treble and bass singer instruments (and changing the playback instruments to pianos) and combining them as a layout, but I’d rather have it as a single instrument.

I have Dorico 5 Pro and Dorico for iPad with the lifetime unlock.

Isn’t there already a choir instrument for two-stave choir reductions?
One can always switch out the brace for a bracket in Engrave mode.

This is easily done with the new Instrument Editor. Assuming you DO want a Piano sound and not vocal sounds.
Make a new instrument based on the Piano.
Change it to use a bracket instead of a brace
Tick the vocal staff checkbox to fix the barline issue.

Thank you both for your suggestions.
Craig_F’s solution worked for me.
I was able to create the instrument in Dorico for desktop and save it in a template to use in my iPad.

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