Grand staff with guitar tab?

Is it possible to have guitar music on a grand staff but with a linked tablature staff? I know this is an eccentric preference, but I’d rather have a score that’s easy to read than one that takes up as little space on the page as possible. Johnny Smith did it this way (without the tab!) in his books.

Not at the moment, no: even if you could add a guitar with two staves, Dorico will show separate tablature for each staff. I don’t recall being asked for this before, but perhaps it’s something we could add in a future version.

I regularly use non-linked Tablature, since I need to hide Tab staves constantly, so I’d think you could theoretically add a tab-only guitar and just copy the music over, once you’re done inputting?


Indeed, that would work if I could input the notes without reference to the tab. For the purpose of composing an arrangement, though, it’s helpful to be able to compare the tab with the staff, and to make changes to one which are automatically reflected on the other.

You could always create a special (temp) layout holding the grand staff and the separate TAB staff and then copy/reduce the grand staff into the TAB staff, I would think.