Granular Guitars invisible

I bought Granular Guitars and started downloading it from Steinberg. The process crashed. I went to Steinberg and found a file named granular_guitars_1.0.0_full.dmg, in the archives, not in the main Support site, in which only the manual of GG nested. Obviously, the installer was the old version, or something. Nonetheless, I downloaded and installed the thing. When I started Cubase 8.5, there was no Granular Guitars folder in the Padshop Pro realm.

After a while, I was successful re-downloading Instrument_Set_Granular_Guitars_Installer_mac.dmg . I was sure that this time everything will be okay. No such thing. After re-installation, Padshop Pro did NOT see anything like Granular Guitars. I guess, the old installer messed the things up.

Any advice? Thank you.

Is it activated it on your dongle?

Sure it is. It just went without saying :slight_smile:

Try running a full media bay scan again, if you already have a lot of samples etc then you may need to increase the amount of results shown for media bay…
I notice you’re on a mac so i’m not sure of the exact location of the expansion file.
On Win7 i’s C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\Padshop\VST Sound

It is supposed to nest there, and there it perches quietly, both files for GG. I copied them both from Application Support\Steinberg\Content\Padshop\VST Sound
Application Support\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound

SOLVED! Topic will not be terminated, for it can still be of some use.

Great stuff!

It’s a really nice expansion, i’ve used it in ways i didn’t actually envision when i purchased it so it’s quite flexible too… SS is a VERY clever lad, much like his dad, check his youtube out if you haven’t already.

Thanx, will do!
Take care.