Granular Guitars/Symphonies Audio

Can I (and where) use the audio loops in those packs out of Padshop…?

I mean I got Granular Guitars, in padshop I see where to find those loops…but what if I want to use some loops in a new cubase project (without any vst, padshop, loaded), like if i was about to play with a wav loop!

I can’t find those audio in the mediabay, and when I search for a loop name (visible in padshop like “russian monk”), the search finds nothing, so are the audio loops kinda protected???

If I purchase a 260presets and 2gb of audio Soundset, why can’t I freely use all those 2gb audios???

Have you considered using “in place rendering”?
I think the samples come with copy protection, ie I think you cannot extract them from the instrument.

Yes thats the only way…a long and painful way, but the only one!

It is protected, thats what i blame Steinberg about … and why i wont buy the granular symph ! (I hate when music producing softwares blocks creativity !)

BTW Steinberg NEVER answerded me why they protected those wavs (could be unprotected only when in mediabay, so u cant share wavs with “internet for free”)…they never answered cause the answer is STUPIDITY ! lol

THX for your answer man !