Granular Symphonies and Zero Gravity samples in Halion

The presets may not be portable, but I would be very interested in getting the sample sets added to the grain engine sample list in Halion. I’d pay another few $$$ to be able to use the samples from those two sets within the grain engine in H5!

100% agreed! When I saw this announced late last week, I thought of the same thing and remembered it being stated that the presets were not interchangeable between Padshop and HALion, even though they were similar grain engines in nature. If this pack could be converted/translated to be able to be loaded and played within HALion, this would be a fantastic option and money would much rather be spent to run this within the same environment, then within a second loaded instrument.

Totally agreed…It doesn’t really make since, does it?

I’m also interested in this feature.