Granular Symphonies & Zero Gravity Preset Identify

Hi All
I purchased Granular Symphonies & Zero Gravity recently. How do i identify which are the new sounds from these sets in the Preset Browser in Cubase? In the Allen Morgan set 1 & 2 in Groove Agent they are easy to find as they listed & show up as sets in there own right.
Any help would be appreciated

In the Padshop preset browser, in attribute mode, change which attribute is displayed in the first column to ‘Library’.

Granular Symphonies and Zero Gravity should show up in that list.

Thats just what i wanted thank you. I only have Granular Symphonies showing however. I will reinstall Zero Gravity & see if it shows up then

All ok now. I had to go to Media Bay however & type Zero Gravity into the Family name for the presets stored in the Zero Gravity presets folder. Works fine now

I prefixed the filenames of all my samples GS or ZG so I could easily tell without having to filter libraries.