Graphic Bug with Waveform Display Template?

On my instruments utilizing the Waveform Display template for Sample/Grain zones, when switching from Grain to Sample on the Macro Page the display retains the cursor(s) from the grain display. Not sure if this can be fixed. Seems more like a bug. Has anyone else run into this or have any workarounds?


Sample and grain zones use different parameter for play position. Maybe that’s causing the issue. You may need to create 2 sample display templates in a stack and then choose which one to show.

Thanks for the response.
Doh, yeah on this one instrument I overlooked that. I was using 2 different templates already and alternating between them with disable groups instead of a Stack, but the assignment was off.
On another I’m using a script for the PlayPos and PlayData, so I’ll just need to modify that.

As always thanks!!