graphic frame appears in score but disappears in part

Hello! I am new in Dorico 3.1
I am writing a solo for bassoon.
I inserted a graphic frame in Engrave mode. I selected it and in Edit I clicked “propagate properties”. In Print mode, I can see the graphic in Score but in bassoon part the graphic disappears. I am sure that something I am doing wrong. What?

Thank you for your time.
George Hatzimichelakis

Hi George.

You cannot, unless I am mistaken, propagate graphic frames. There’s a reason it’s called Propagate Properties. Only settings from the bottom panel will propagate.
You should modify the part masterpage with a graphic frame or make an override to your part page with a graphic frame in order to get the result you want.
Hope this helps!

Thank you very much, Marc.

You also can import the master page in full score master page set which includes the graphic into part master page set.
However, please confirm if new music frame chain is created.

A new music frame chain will always be created when importing a master page pair from another master page set. If that’s not what you want, you must link the music frames in the imported master page to the existing music frame in the master page set.




Excuse me for coming back.
Perhups I was not so clear before.
I am including an image link of my problem.

In a second though, I am wondering if my method was wrong.
Is it better to embed a multiphonic fingering icon in the score as playing technique: a glyph inluding the desirable graphic?
I just tried it, and everything OK!!!

Definitely better to use a playing technique if you need it to show in multiple layouts.

Yes, Yes! I just tried it and now it appears both in score and part!